Project Title
Aroma Lab Boutique

Logo Design
Stationery System
Postcard Design

It is important to have a strong brand identity to establish a contemporary boutique in the marketplace. The visual design of brand collaterals ranging from advertising graphics to printed deliverables become an extension of the brand development and application system.

Aroma Lab was developed to re-evaluate the application of aromatherapy in an urban city lifestyle. The use of pure essential oils can be personally formulated according to one’s physical, physiological, and psychological needs. Aroma Lab’s product and services strives to enhance the cognitive performance, mood, and overall well-being of those who need a moment’s respite from a busy world.

In an effort to introduce a fresh approach to aromatherapy, designing a logo is the first essential step to establish the brand image and voice of Aroma Lab. The combination of a delicate vine silhouette infused with a singular droplet represent pure essential oils. The resulting wordmark creates a sense of sophistication and serene balance that captures Aroma Lab's essence.  

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