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We all know bacon and eggs go amazingly well together. So do pickles and vanilla ice cream! You read that right. There is a wide range of unique food combinations beyond our typical palate. These odd yet successful food combinations are considered breakthroughs in redefining the culinary arts.  

It is time to dissect the multi-dimensional nature of flavors to get a better understanding on how to savor various food pairings. Modern flavor profiles are created with complexity and technicality. But one thing unites them: layering. A well-layered flavor profile can create dimensionality, structure, and refined variations on the palate. And these sensations won’t fade after first impact—it's going to last, and change, over the course of the entire tasting experience.


With such a unique approach to food combinations, a non-traditional cookbook seems perfect for the job. The design direction aims to visualize the complex nature of flavor structure through graphic representations, such as imagery, and type treatments. The multi-colored isometric design is an ode to the aesthetics of video games, which reflects the adventurous side of food enthusiasts who take it upon themselves to discover a world of astonishing food combinations.

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