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Malice in Wonderland

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It is time to have a dialogue revolving around curiosity in an increasingly intrusive digital age. Social media and search engines are digital platforms where anything and anyone we want to know is within a click away. Yet, we are left wanting more.

As digital natives become more curious, there is a danger that comes from prying too much. Especially within the Deep Web. Those who are highly–driven go to lengths to venture into the Deep Web. But it is the same curiosity that will lure users into their own descent. There lies an inherent element of curiosity within everyone. One that we as humans are willing to explore beyond our known capability. Even if it means getting tangled up in an unwanted situation.

The discourse incorporates the narrative and characters from author Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland to illustrate the journey into the Deep Web. The design, typography, and visual direction mimics the obscure and distorted digital realm of the Deep Web to tackle the dynamic relationship between curiosity and knowledge in an intrusive digital age.

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