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Planted App

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Do you find yourself going to different supermarkets to find specific needs? The struggle of finding and purchasing high quality and afforable goods is a rising problem experienced by tech-savvy and health-conscious individuals. The e-commerce scene is constantly evolving to meet different criterias of their consumers.

Millennials are re-establishing the standards of grocery shopping in their lifestyle. Food transparency becomes a prevalent issue among millennial consumers, as affordability and quality are important factors that determine their purchasing preferences. There is a growing market of budget-conscious millennials who want affordable and healthy options from grocery stores.

Drawing upon the rising demand for a more personalized shopping experience, an online grocery shopping app was developed to meet consumer's needs and support small local businesses to thrive. The word “Planted” describes a financially-savvy user who wishes to establish a sense of structure and satisfaction in their lifestyle. Planted integrates food transparency, budget-consciousness, and sustainability to elevate a user's grocery shopping experience.

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