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Whole Soul Wellness

Team Whole Soul
Morgan Class
Fabian Posadas
Jessica Stebbins
Cheboyu Yuan
Qingqing Yue

Brand Retail Design
Market Research
Brand Development
Packaging System

Seraphlia Studio

As part of a collaborative endeavor, Team Whole Soul are tasked to develop a conceptual retail store that will thrive in today’s world. The team saw the rising demand for wellness in a fast-paced, urban lifestyle that is being experienced by many growing generations. Whole Soul was created.

It’s time to redefine our understanding of wellness. It is no longer about the physical well-being, but rather an active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyle that leads to an optimal state of yourselves. Whole Soul believes in the impact of meaningful shopping experience for their customers. Whole soul desires to enrich generations of families and individuals who are invested in creating a lasting lifestyle.

Whole Soul has four sub-brands that touches upon different aspects of wellness: medical, CBD, pets, and gardening.

As group leader, it was my responsibility to oversee the development and execution of the sub-brands. The overarching element of holistic wellness is captured in different ways­. Team Whole Soul strives to define a lifestyle and feeling revolving around wellness—from the intricate design direction that references art deco to bold and quirky dog photography.

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