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Woods Beer Co.

Logo Design
Packaging System
12 oz. Beer Bottle
16 oz. Beer Can
64 oz. Growler
Six-pack Carrier

Nicholaus Lie

Woods Beer Co. is a local San Francisco brewery with a cult following of craft beer enthusiasts. Their microbrew-pub prides itself on the personal brewer-consumer experience. Woods Beer Co. produces and distributes small-batched beers that rotate seasonally across the Bay Area—an unexpectedly refreshing quality found in this beer market.

It's more than just beer. The tastemakers behind Woods Beer Co. strive to capture the free-spirited nature of Bay Area's craft beer enthusiasts. In an industry that is already growing popular, it is important to stand out among a niche community that values creativity, quality, and highly-designed products. The redesign aims to elevate Woods Beer Co. into the brand they envision—vibrant, distinctive, and unapologetically proud.

Time for fellow beer geeks and tastemakers to rejoice! Let’s highlight Woods Beer Co. as a one-of-a-kind brand that specializes in organic brewing and creating unique flavor profiles in craft beer. The incorporation of design elements ranging from botanical illustration and color-coding reinforce a freshly rejuvenated aesthetic as well as brand image for Woods Beer Co.

The vibrant colors produced from the silver metallic paper lends a premium and fresh look to the beer. The metallic finish is applied consistently throughout the packaging system, which creates an elevated impression that is sure to capture craft beer enthusiasts. Each label has been given a unique color that reflects the flavor of the herbal brew. Ranging from Key Lime to Grapefruit IPA, each brew captures the experimental, adventurous, and unconventional nature of Woods Beer Co.

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